Friday, March 17, 2006

To Slobodan Milosevic

Thank you for all the deceptions and plunder, for every drop of blood which thousands shed on your account, for fear and uncertainty, for destroyed lives and generations, for dreams we did not translate into reality, for horrors and wars which you waged in our name, without even asking us about it, for all the burden which you placed on our shoulders.

We remember tanks in the streets of Belgrade and blood on its pavements. We remember Vukovar. We remember Dubrovnik. We remember Knin and Krajina. We remember Sarajevo. We remember Srebrenica. We remember the bombing. We remember Kosovo. We shall remember it and dream about it.

We remember the dead, the wounded, the unfortunate, the refugees.
We remember our ruined lives.

Citizens of Serbia shall remember:

Nada (Hope), Srecko (Luck), Zivko (Life), Sloboda (Freedom) Vesela (Joy) and Mile (Darling) Curcic
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