Friday, May 07, 2010

A kind of love that everyone should experience. A vicarious video.

Catalina Provencia agreed to talk about growing up in the Palo Verde section of Chavez Ravine before the city cleared the area of houses and people for what was supposed to be low-income housing. Instead, it became home to Dodger Stadium.

At the annual gathering of former Chavez Ravine residents in 1990, I noticed the most intriguing couple. Catalina was animated and gregarious.She stood four inches above her quiet, unassuming husband, Morro. Whenever their eyes connected, however, bolts of amorous energy seemed to dart between them. I knew that I couldn't leave without trying to tap into that energy.

During the "neighborhood" interview, I asked Catalina to tell me about her first encounter with Morro. The result is this jewel. Before I could share it with the world, I had to track down Catalina and first show her the 20-year-old video. It was a great excuse to capture, again, her electrifying and contagious spirit.

 By the way, Catalina has already agreed to another interview in ten years when she turns 101.

If I receive enough encouragement (comments here or on Youtube -- or direct e-mails), I'll begin posting more gems from the two interviews.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Signs that confuse me . . .

Sometimes I wonder what they were thinking.

This is like the drive-up ATMs that have instructions for the driver that are in braille.

Or it's like the sign in the post office that reads: "No dogs allowed, except seeing-eye dogs."
These signs are there for the blind, the illiterate and the dogs.

How about this one in a Pollo Loco Restaurant?

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