Sunday, March 26, 2006

Balloons celebrate Milosevic's final exit

This is actually my way of inserting more pictures into the story that I already posted below.

Apparently there's some finite number of pictures I can put up on any one blog using the wonderful Picasa (no sarcasm intended) photo program. I use it because it easily reduces the file size of the photos. So you can enjoy the pictures here. And read more about them below.

Plus, you get a view of the people walking along the Sava River with the former headquarters of the Communist Party in the background.

This tall building is one of the many that were targets of NATO air strikes in 1999. The explosions on this building caused some minor shock damage to some of the old buildings at the old fairgrounds, Staro Sajmiste.

I didn't see how this guy got up on the base of the statue, but I'm certain he made it on all of the news programs.

By the time this was taken, Milosevic's body had already left Belgrade and his casket was being covered with dirt at his final resting place. Posted by Picasa

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