Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Not much time for adventures

The assignment is a challenge and it's taking up much of my energy. However, the scenery along the way is always different and always interesting. And after I've climbed the eight flights of stairs, it's nice to have a room that isn't cramped.

I share the balcony (or landing) with another room, but it's not occupied. It's basically all mine -- however the snow and ice have covered it. I'll have to wait until it warms up a bit to enjoy it.

By special request, I'm including a couple of shots inside the room. The best part is that I don't trip over things -- there's enough room to move around.
Tonight I was able to visit three bookstores in search of three books I've learned about that are related in some way to the Staro Sajmiste concentration camp. I was lucky enough to find one of the books, but disappointed that there were no pictures. Of course, the book is in Serbian.

No problem. I picked up a Serbian-English/English-Serbian dictionary and in all of my spare time, I'll be able to pick out a few words here and there. As I learn more, I'll share some of the details.
The snow has stopped falling, but because there was little wind, the snow is still clinging to the ledges, branches and streetlights. It's kind of cool. This is a picture of the parliament building across the park from where the IREX office is. I report there every morning and then take a taxi to the television station across the river in New Belgrade.

This weekend, I'm hoping to have some time to explore. If I can find anyone who speaks Serbian and English, I'd like to venture back into the neighborhood of Staro Sajmiste and see if I can talk my way into one of the old buildings -- buildings that are apparently being used as homes for either artists or Romas (Gypsies) or both.

With any luck at all, I'll be able to share the adventures with you. But for now, I must get some sleep.

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