Wednesday, April 21, 2010

If you have a conscience, boycott Costco!

Tens of thousands are expected to picket Costco stores across the globe on Earth Day to protest the blatantly cruel treatment of God's cotton creatures.

One can only imagine the terror and torture these innocent animals endured in Asia, Africa and South America before someone packed them into cardboard, pitch-black prison cells and shipped them to North America, Europe and other parts of the world.

Its no wonder stuffed animals are rarely, if ever, found in the wild.

These loving creatures were bred to be silent and obedient enough to live in the homes of children and adults.
But at what price?

If you've ever cuddled a Teddy bear or Curious George, you must take a stand against this kind of treatment!

Please share this with everyone you know who has ever been the recipient of their love.
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Vickie said...

I loved my Winnie the Pooh! Now I hate to think of all the trauma he went through just to get to me. I'm glad there is no Costco in KY! I hate Walmart just the same.

Don Ray said...

Hey Vickie,

I guess you've already found my silly blog. Thanks so much for looking at it. For those who aren't mind readers, Vickie posted a Craigslist ad in Los Angeles offering up several acres of freshly fallen snow --- for free. Problem is that the snow is in Kentucky. Brilliant!