Saturday, January 09, 2010

Help me help a deserving veteran

Just a quickie posting to alert the world to an important yard sale in Pasadena.
The host is a disabled Iraqi War veteran who came home to find that her mother was about to lose the family house. Fatima Palaez needed help and, thanks to a couple blog readers, she was able to find an attorney to help them.

Fatima "Flaca" Palaez with her mother, Socorro Palaez.

Her beautiful mother died about a week ago and Fatima is putting on a yard sale to raise money for her mother's funeral. The sale is going on as I write this. It will continue on Saturday and Sunday, January 9th and 10th. The address is 500 N. Summit Ave. in Pasadena.

I'm certain that there will be some great bargains there. It's worth the drive if you live near there.
If you need directions or information, you can call Fatima (her friends call her "Flaca") at 626-216-1050. Her e-mail address is

Just to put her difficulties into some more perspective, several months ago someone murdered Flaca's infant nephew right there in their home. Now, her sister (the child's mother) had to go into the a witness protection program, so Flaca is caring for her surviving niece.

I can't even imagine what she's going through. Injuries from a war, post-traumatic stress disorder that has dragged her life to a halt, a fight over the family home, a mother with terminal cancer, a murder of a loved one in her own home and now the death of her mother.

But she served her country proudly. I hope you can visit the yard sale.

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