Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The Great ATV Caper

Let me tell you a little about this video:

Larry and Donna Brusch made the local news back in the 1990s when word got out that they had teamed up to find his stolen all-terrain vehicle (ATV) and, at the same time arrested the thief.

At that time, I was supplementing my investigative reporting, lecturing and book writing income by chasing down breaking news stories at night and on weekends. If I was lucky, I could sell the raw footage I'd shoot to local and network television stations.

I don't believe that I was able to sell this story -- mainly because I shot it in Oceanside and it was next to impossible to deliver the videotapes to the Los Angeles TV stations within their news cycles.

But like the three previous videos I posted here, this one is finally finding its rightful place in the mass media. And like the other stories, I guarantee you that you're going to be able to view an update. This one, in particular, has a great follow-up story.

Oh, and would you be kind enough to click on the YouTube link on the video so you can rate it and maybe maybe make it your favorite on YouTube? And comments. It really helps if you can leave comments -- here on this blog and on YouTube. Why is it important? Because the more people who see my work, the more stories will come my way.



Reggie said...

Well done! Not only is this story inspirational and carry moral conviction, but the editing was very impressive. Keep it up!

ol said...

Very entertaining and well put together piece Don. Look forwards to the next one. Oly