Sunday, March 29, 2015

Signs of Spring in Sarajevo

Fritz and I have been in Sarajevo for nearly two months, but I've been too busy doing investigative journalism to post to the blog.
This is to celebrate the coming of spring in Sarajevo.
We went out this morning to capture some of the telltale signs. First, we're offering a glimpse of the winter we're leaving behind.
Fritz took to the snow right from the start. He loved to romp in it and dig down deep into it.

 Once the snow finally melted away, the trees, shrubs and flowers came back to life.

I don't know if it was because the sun started rising in the sky each day or because the temperature starting rising.

Maybe they have their own seasonal alarm clock.

 It's nice to know that the people buried in this city cemetery are still pushing up daisies after all of these years.

 We headed east toward Old Town Sarajevo. Fritz enjoyed meeting people along the way, but he was more interested in meeting creatures of his own species.

The warm sunshine was enough to lure people outside so they could just soak it up.

 Street vendors didn't do well during the winter.


 Fritz and I looked watched this old man for a long time.

Every so often people would hand him a coin or two.

It made me wonder how he made ends meet during the winter when it's not as easy to get people to take their hands out of their pockets to hand him money.

Even though the coming of spring is about renewal, it's clear that in Sarajevo, people are still struggling.


lyradogz said...

Great photos! I like the photo of the old man and his story. Makes me want to give to him, too. Don, didn't you take a biology class? Yes, that's what makes the plants come to life: changing daylight and warmer weather. I'm glad Fritz is so well-received. I don't know why I had doubts.

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