Tuesday, December 18, 2012

An unnecessary (and humbling) adventure

I was feeling guilty for keeping my treasured RX7 in the office parking lot I share with my office neighbor. So I took the unregistered Mazda home and parked in on the street.

That was dumb!

I came home one night and there was more room to park in front of the house than there had been when I left. Oh! They towed my car. When the nightmare was over, I felt compelled to confess and reflect. Someone I shared it with suggested I send it to the Car Talk program on National Public Radio. It ended up on Car Talk's blog.

Hey, being infamous is almost as good as being famous.


 To see it, click on this link:  

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Marc E Marc said...

Don Ray,

Your bottom lines % of chance of doing it again and lessons learned are what allows us to learn stuff we don't want to know. You give new meaning to true cost accounting in the what was I thinking & WTF departments.